Fair warning: This is a somewhat lengthy post!

Lol at this stupid kid at my college gym. He's attempting to do weighted pull-ups with a 45 pound plate. (His previous set looked even worse and he had a 45 AND a 25 straped-on. Facepalm.) As you can see in the vid, he cranks out ten "reps" that are maybe a quarter range-of-motion at best by the end of the set. Looks more like he's having a seizure than doing pull-ups. (Sorry the vid is rotated!)

The best part is how he throws his chin up after every rep, as if it was actually above the bar. Throwing your head back to get your chin a few inches higher and place it above the bar is cheating, anyway. I've never understood the need for some people to do that. It's irrational and isn't actually increasing your ROM or the effectiveness of the exercise. If your goal is for your chin to travel higher than the bar, keep your head fixed and keep pulling!

I don't offer unsolicited advice at the gym, but someone needs to tell this guy he'd be far better off just doing body weight pull-ups, or maybe even assisted. Not that he'd listen, though... This same dude tries to do waaay too much weight on all his other lifts, too, of course with crappy form and nowhere near full ROM. And surprise surprise, I've been seeing this kid workout regularly for at least a year, but if you saw him on the street, you'd think he'd never once stepped foot in a weight room.

Why do people lift like this??? It's an epidemic that can be witnessed in gyms everywhere. People, if you're doing smith machine squats with 5 plates on each side and a 6-inch ROM, you're wasting your time and probably doing your body more harm than good. If people are going to invest time and energy into working-out, why not do it the right way? It doesn't take a whole lot of research to figure out that you should be using a weight you can control with good form and full ROM... hell, that's just common sense. And then of course there's the guy doing dumbbell curls that sways his entire torso back and forth while his elbows flail all over the place. Who are you trying to impress, exactly, and what are you trying to accomplish? You look like an idiot and are a weakling because you're ignorant to the basics of strength training. But I guess you've succeeded in convincing yourself you are strong and that your set of "curls" was effective.

And what's with people inventing weird, pointless exercises involving Swiss balls, BOSU balls, medicine balls, resistance bands, or any combination thereof? Sure, these things have their uses, but don't structure your entire workout around them. What's wrong with good old fashioned barbells and dumbbells??? Oh yeah, some fitness marketing hype bullshit led them to believe that they are, in fact, "old fashioned." As if that's a bad thing? As James Bond said in Skyfall, "sometimes, the old ways are best." It's usually women I see doing all sorts of complicated and silly looking maneuvers involving exercise balls and resistance bands. A lot of them, sadly, have been duped into believing that traditional compound exercises involving barbells and dumbbells are "manly" and will cause them to "bulk-up". Or maybe they are just afraid if doing these exercises, I don't know. To any female reading this, you should take a look at ChickenTuna's website and blog. She is 44 and has an amazing body, and according to her workout routine posted on her site, she does exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges for lower body, and bench press, dips, and pull-ups for upper body. Sounds an awful lot like some of the main lifts that my workouts are structured around! Solid, tried-and-true compound lifts. Old-fashioned and work great for men and women alike.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop now, haha. Feel free to contribute to this thread with your own exercise/gym related rants, musings, pet peeves, etc. We've all seen idiots in the gym and usually just ignore them and go quietly about our business while we snicker inside, but every once and a while it's fun to vent to like-minded people. If you read this entire post, thanks. If not, I don't blame you!