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Thread: Farmers walk (grip strength)

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    Farmers walk (grip strength)

    Can anyone give me some good exercises (with descriptions of how to do them) for grip strenght?

    Thanks in advance
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    Well Farmers Walk is good. Just pick up a weight in each hand and walk around. Static Holds is also good. Just rig up a squatrack/powercage so you can pick up a bb loaded with weight and hold it till you fail (aim for 5-10 sec). Lastly you could do forarm curls, there are several diffrent types. And you could superset them with each other or something. Make sure you work grip LAST. Maybe someone can post links with pictures to these?
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    I worked this summer at the high school I go to on the janitorial staff. And we strip and wax the floors, and all the stripper, wax, and sealer, comes in 5 gallon buckets, and weights a good 50 or 60 lbs. Just tote some of that around (fill a 5 gallon bucket with something, or put quickrete in one or something simila (its even heavier and takes up less space)

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    Things I like :
    Captains of Crush Grippers - just squeeze them
    Plier Holds - tie a piece of cloth to a bucket, load with weight, grab with pliers and hold on!
    Plate Curls - grab a plate, thumb over the ridge, and try to curl it face up. Start with 10lbs, then try 25lbs. You can add a dumbell inside to increase the weight.
    Deadlift Lockouts - get in a rack and hold on for dear life.


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