I am the new strength coach at Longview HS TX-been there since June 2011. I have been a strength coach for 22 years now. I am a Senior Level Coach with USAW and have been a college strength coach for ten of the 22 years. I compete in olympic lifting and have been national champion in my age group before. I share this to let you know I've been strength coaching for a little while and have NEVER had this problem with weight euipment or a company...

If any of you had a bad experience with a company and shared it with me I'd be greatful, here's mine....

My VTX replacement bumpers are falling apart-after three months?

Latest from USA Sports (Troy Bumpers/VTX Bumpers)

when this was reported to them they said:

"The way that we use them we need to buy competition bumpers because
no plate other than that would hold up to what we do"

I teach kids to drop the bar with bumpers and collars on.

Been doing this 22 years, have nine year old Kraiburgs at my friends
garage still going strong. Plenty of bumpers like this at my old school Harwood JH
that are 6+ years old still going strong....Same at Trinity HS. All
bumpers of the same price range (Kraiburg, Olympia, Hi-Temp, Wright
Rubber)...All being dropped on a daily basis.

These are rubber bumper plates, meant to be dropped as they are used
for explosive lifting.

We also had one VB girl cut her fingers on the exposed metal rim.

First video link below is of the newer VTX bumpers we recieved in June, the
second video is the Troy bumpers we had for 11 months.

The company seems to be not concerned about either....

Here's their reply to our latest warranty claim on the bumpers that lasted three months:

I have sent all your information and documentation to my quality department for analysis.

I have been advised that USA Sports warranty for these plates does not cover the loosening of the center ring, only the complete falling out of the center ring is covered with issues of this nature. Unfortunately, I cannot issue a replacement for this warranty claim at this time. I apologize that there isn't more I can do for you.
If you have any further questions regarding USA Sports warranty, please contact your sales rep who can better address your concerns.

Thank you,
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Jeannette Blood
Claims Representative
USA Sports Inc/Troy Barbell
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Toll Free: 800.USA.SPORTS (800.872.7767)
jeannette.blood@usasportsinc.com | www.troybarbell.com

Heres our "functional bumpers":



I registered to post this only and to spread the word about how a company left our kids hanging over about $7,000 worth of bumpers.

I've heard from another coach in Dallas who said they sent his school bumpers he's convinced were used that they refurbished and sold him as new. When he contacted them to get them replaced they said they would but his school would have to pay shipping, on 22 sets of bumpers (thousands of $$), they are stuck with them also...

Tim Marshal at Wilder Fitness who set up our weightroom has really went out of his way to help us on this dealing with the company. I've bought from him for ten years now and will continue too. Oh, and until now I've never returned one bumper plate to him till this....

Your free to choose whatever bumper plates you like but i know one company I'll never buy from again...

Thanks for your time, feel free to spread the word on this to any coaching friends.

John Janecek