Hey guys,

Today I competed in my first meet. I thought it would be a nice little meet where I could just get some numbers under my belt. Turned out to have some pretty cool dudes come from pretty far away to compete. I met Mr. Bill Ellis too

APA-WPA 18-19 yr Old div. 181 lbs ~ 176.2

1st: 365, wrapped up too early, knees caved in, but still got the lift
2nd: 390, went much better and faster than 365
3rd: 410, went for it just for kicks, went too deep and couldn't get out of the hole

1st: 210, went okay
2nd: 220, stalled half-way up, almost cramped up in my lower back
3rd: 230, best out of the 3 attempts, good lift

1st: 380, good lift, actually my gym max w/o chalk
2nd: 415, good lift, wasn't planning on making the lift
3rd: 450, no lift, just for laughs, I actually got it off the floor before it looked like I had a seizure
Total: 1035

I was happy to have competed against other lifters, I was also surprised at how friendly they were. I thought I'd post how my meet went since this site is one of the reasons I was motivated to be a part of competitive Powerlifting. I'd also like to thank you guys for the wealth of information I have found here!