This is an interesting topic for me. I would consider the perfect body for me to be about 175 lbs (5'10" still), with around 7-9% body fat. That is big enough to be strong without losing my foot speed and endurance. For me it is about the balance between aerobic and anaerobic activity, slightly favoring aerobics. Most people around here would probably say that the perfect physique for me would be around 205 lbs, with 5-6% bodyfat. Where do we develop what we consider "the perfect physique"?

Studies have shown that weight lifters tend to consider "the perfect body" to be larger than most. Anorexia or Bulemia (sp?) are eating disorders in which "The perfect physique" is considered to be unhealthily thin, and obsessing on one's body more than life in general. Is there a level were someone is too consumed with being big?

I wanna be big like you guys do, just not as big. What factors determine how big one wants to be? Clearly society's viewpoint rubs off on the individual, but what other factors affect body image? Why do I only want to weigh 175 when everyone else thinks 205 would be perfect?