I try to and like to figure training out my-self most of the time but I am a bit unsure about this one when it comes to training with conjugate periodization/westside method.

If I train a variation of a powerlift for a ME session but the weights lifted are far below what I can do for that main lift does anyone think there is still any significant carryover? So for example with me my front squat max is 150 kg and squat max is well over 200 kg but not sure what way to look at it. Some might say they are completely different lifts and there may not be any significant correlation where as another point of view might be that there is a glaring weakness that is highlighted in the front squat so therefore it would be wise to cycle front squats in ME rotation and/or supplementary work in order to work on the weakness and build the front squat and therefore the squat as well. The thing that makes me doubt the carryover is that surely it would have to work both ways. My squat has went up a lot but my front squat remained the same in a space of 9 months and I have actually in that time done only 4 squat sessions (They were all testing not building the lift) + a meet squat so about the same volume as front squats overall if not less.