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Thread: Operation Mindcrime....

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    Operation Mindcrime....

    So I went to a Queensryche show last night in Clifton Park. I normally don't make much mention of it but I really thought I'd pass it along in this case. These guys played some new stuff some really old stuff and then took a break and came out and did the entire Operation Mindcrime disc. (show & all) If you're a Queensryche fan and they are touring near you I would encourage you to go. These guys are all top notch musicians AND it's one of the best shows I've seen in a long LONG time. Just thought I'd pass that bit on to those who are into this stuff.

    EDIT:OH and I forgot the wife was driving there and she nailed a coyote @ about 45 mph. He never felt a thing and we couldn't avoid it but the reason I make note of this is it was in a suburban area to start with (plenty of houses & humans around) and yes I can say with 100% certainty it was indeed a coyote he was around 45 lbs (as I did drag his carcass off the road). WIERD.
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    Any pics????

    Of the coyete.
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    Nope sorry dude but it was completely clean and ungory!

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    Me and my buddy are trying to get tickets to see them. We tried to get tickets for the House of Blues in Anaheim but they sold out fast. I'm a huge Queensryche fan and Operation Mindcrime was probably their best album. Glad to hear they still put on a good show.
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    "Operation Mindcrime" is one of the best albums to be put out by any band ever! I would have rather seen the band live back in the day though, with all the original guys when they were at their peak. Check out the "Operation Livecrime" DVD, it's a wicked show. I used to be a huge Queensryche fan, not so much anymore...Awesome band though (used to be anyway).
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    Yeah, Operation mindcrime was their best album and one of the all time greats.
    I quite liked Empire too

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    I saw them on tour a couple of times way back when.

    They did the entire Mindcrime album on the Empire tour, too.

    I didn't much like anything they've done since, but Mindcrime is fantastic. Listen to their earlier stuff, too.
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