I'm looking for a new usapl legal bench shirt. Right now I am lifting in a way too loose F6 and getting ~40lbs out of it (size 46 at 220)

I also have a Rage-X (size 48) that I can't make work. I train by myself in a campus gym and I just can't handle the difficulty of touching in it. I don't think its too big, probably too small by ya'lls standards. If I was in a different situation I think I'd really like it but while I can do geared squats/deads fairly well in this gym I need a easier bench shirt

So I am looking for something in the middle of these two... something to give a little more than the f6 that doesn't require tons of traveling to PL gyms to work in (closest one ~3.5 hours away)

Bigger Rage-X, Smaller F6, or something else? I bench with a big arch and my raw bench is done with minimal tucking which does cause some issues in shirted benching

I'm also thinking about a new DL suit, I like my TRX for sumo pulls and hated the velocity, thinking between the Max DL and whatever Metal's usapl legal sumo suit is (King sumo?)

Thanks for everyone's help!