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Thread: stretching before/during workout??

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    stretching before/during workout??

    just wondering how many of you do this... i was doing seated calves the other day and i felt it not only in my calves (which i should) but also in my hip flexors...

    got me thinking about stretching before other exercises too- i usually stretch my quads and hamstrings and do 1 dynamic stretch before squats, but besides that i don't stretch much at all.

    I heard that dynamic stretching can weaken you for the workout, but i've also heard that they can be extrememly beneficial

    Do you guys stretch before you workout at all?


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    I stretch for 10 minutes and then get on a rowing machine for 5 minutes before every weight lifting session. I feel more prepared to lift and have not had any pulls or strains since. It's just good common sense to stretch and warm up before hand.

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    I have always heard dynamic stretching is beneficial before your workout and static is better after.

    Speaking of I really need to stretch more

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    I do a dynamic warmup before working out and stretch afterwards. There was just an article posted about upper body dynamic warmups. You can search Joe Defranco on youtube for some lower body warmups.
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