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Thread: Whats a good diet other than the atkins diet for losing weight?

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    Whats a good diet other than the atkins diet for losing weight?

    Ive been real successful, but would like to do something else for alittle while...

    whats another good alternative? Thanks
    Original Weight ~~ 342
    Weight 1/27/02 ~~ 324
    Weight 2/13/02 ~~ 312
    Weight 2/28/02 ~~ 299
    Weight 3/11/02 ~~ 287
    Weight 4/15/02 ~~ 266
    Weight 5/30/02 ~~ 240
    Weight 8/28/02 ~~ 223
    Weight 1/11/03 ~~ 213

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    are u still on atkins?

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    if u are, introduce carbs alowly. only complex. oats would be ideal. start with 1/2 cup in the morning. then in a couple days add some more or add some a lil later around lunch. very small amounts.

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    Get familiar with Dr. Sears "Zone" principles. He's done a lot of work with athletes over the last 20 years. It's not a "diet", per se, but paying more attention to having balance between carbs/protein and skewing toward low glycemic carbs and away from highly processed crap.

    BBers will want more protein, but keeping the balance will make you feel better and I believe you'll be more healthy. I feel slow in the head when I've done Atkins before and I think that's fairly common. I won't knock it because evidently it works for many, but try the zone. Website is

    I don't follow it religiously, but I follow the principles and use their zone bars for snacks instead of crap. Do the 5-6 small meals a day thing for sure. Good luck!


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    40/40/20 (c/p/f) at 500 to 1000 cal below maintenance. Be a real shock to your body after ketonic.

    Eat smart (fruits, veggies, clean meats, fish, cottage cheese, eggs).
    Now in pain, only working out the walking sticks.

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    Born Big - That's AWESOME progress you've made so far.

    My suggestion, if you are tired of Adkins, is to slowly start converting your diet to whatever you will use as your long term diet strategy. The Zone, or any near isocaloric diet is a great place to start.

    Now might alos be a good time to back off the weight loss a little (unless you don't want to lose momentum), and focus on your weight training for a while.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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