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Thread: Crazy....check this out

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    How strange.....I've actually had that done before to me, i think she wa sall about clearing meridian energy....

    the way she explained it to me is that your body won't lie to you.

    when you said "My Name is Jim", you tried to lie, but your body (sub-consious?) new it was a con, and wouldn't support it. SO say you are holding the various supplements....the one's that have benefits and the ones that don't.....your body will agree with the ones that have beneftis, and your arm will stay steady, the one's that are bunk, and your arm will waver.

    not saying i buy it, ot that i don't buy it....but it makes a bit of sense to me. I felt really excellent when she was done "clearing my meridian pathways" though....i can say that much.
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    Originally posted by One_Vision
    Breeze.....have you ever seen one of those lamps that you touch to change the brightness? Place one hand on the lamp and hold the other hand extended outward away from the lamp. Have someone touch your extended hand. See what happens..........explain
    it's called a weak electric current. Supplement bottles do not conduct much bioelectricity.

    And YES, i know this is an old thread.

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