I went to my chiropractor as usual today to fix my back problems. He told me to bring my supplements I take for bodybuilding. He said he could test if my body was positive, negative, or neutral with the supplements I take. I would hold my left arm up, lock my elbow, and resist him pressing down on my arm, and I'd hold the supplement bottle in my right hand. If he could press my arm down then my body was resisting the supplement. I had 5 bottles which included multi vit/min, cod liver oil, etc. The bottles were all pretty much shaped the same way. We went through the bottles three times and each time my arm would weaken and lower when I held the chromium picolinate.
I was kind of confused, how the hell could he tell if my body resisited or needed the supp by pressing down on my arm. Since I didn't believe him, he started doing all of these other tests.
I put my arm up again, and he told me to say "My name is Jonathan" (which is my real name). My arm didn't weaken. Then I said "My name is Jim", and my arm weakened and lowered. He says its all about people's individual energy fields and that there are all kinds of unique ways to test people for oxidation levels in muscles, supp resistence, etc.
It kinda blew my mind.....he gave me a tape to listen to about it. I plan on asking more about the subject when I visit him again. Will respond later.