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Thread: i got this in mail

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    i got this in mail

    Hello, my name is Billy Evans. I am a very sick little boy. My mother is typing this for me because I can't. She is crying. The reason she is so sad is because I'm so sick. I was born without a body. It doesn't hurt, except when I try to breathe. The doctors gave me an artificial body. It is a burlap bag filled with leaves. The doctors said that was the best they could do on account of us having no money or insurance. I would like to have a body transplant, but we need more money. Mommy doesn't work because she said nobody hires crying people. I said, “Don't cry, Mommy,” and she hugged my burlap bag. Mommy always gives me hugs, even though she's allergic to burlap and it makes her sneeze and chafes her real bad.

    I hope you will help me. You can help me if you forward this e-mail to everyone you know. Forward it to people you don't know, too. Dr. Johansensteiner said that for every person you forward this e-mail to, Bill Gates will team up with AOL and send a nickel to NASA. With that funding, NASA will collect prayers from school children all over America and have the astronauts take them up into space so that the angels can hear them better. They will then come back to earth and go to the Pope. He will take up a collection in church and send all the money to the doctors. The doctors could help me get better then. Maybe one day I will be able to play baseball; right now I can only be third base.

    Every time you forward this letter, the astronauts can take more prayers to the angels and my dream will be closer to coming true. Please help me! Mommy is so sad, and I want a body. I don't want my leaves to rot before I turn 10. If you don't forward this e-mail, that's okay. Mommy says you're a mean, rotten and heartless bastard who doesn't care about a poor little boy with only a head. She says that if you don't stew in the raw pit of your own guilt-ridden stomach, she hopes you die a long, slow, horrible death and then burn forever in hell! What kind of cruel person are you that you can't take five freakin' minutes to forward this to all your friends so that they can feel guilt and shame about ignoring a poor, bodiless nine year old boy?

    Please help me. I try to be happy, but it's hard. I wish I had a kitty. I wish I could hold a kitty. I wish I could hold a kitty that wouldn't chew on me and try to bury its turds in the leaves of my burlap body. I wish that very much!

    Thank you,
    Billy “Smiley” Evans
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    I should start a f*cked up chain letter like that, only about ninjas and pirates and ninjas.
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    you're gonna help the kid right? LOL

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    *lmao@"right now i can only be third base"*
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    I want a ninja chain letter......
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    i started this chain letter last week and it has spread so far

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    send him another damn bundle of leaves
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    Originally posted by Tryska
    *lmao@"right now i can only be third base"*

    at least hes getting somewhere. me reap of what I sow....

    and BOOM goes the dynomite!

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    Hey! Didn't I see that kid in the all star game?
    Third base you said right?!

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    aw poor kid...
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    we got a chain letter once.. and threw it away.. a month later somebody broke into our house..

    ps. chain letters suck!
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