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My Supplement Program

Before Work-out
AXCEL- Pre-Workout Energy Enhancement just right dose of energy and mental focus for your training sessions

After Work-Out
RESULTS : Increased muscular size

BCAA+ contains the branched chain amino acids (BCAA) leucine, isoleucine, and valine plus the amino acid glutamine

Before Bed
E.T.S. (Extreme Training Support)

Youtube Video Clips

Henry Thomason 308 - WABDL Bench Press & Deadlift Worlds Championships 11/17/12
755 832x 832x - 2nd Place Open Single Ply 308 - beating Mike Womack 308 Elite
Super Katana A/S with Low Cut Collar Construction -

Henry Thomason Raw Powerlifting SQ & DL Training Log 11/25/12 - 1 of 3 Weeks
KLA Lifting Strap

Henry Thomason Raw Powerlifting SQ & DL Training Log 12/02/12 - 2 of 3 Weeks
AndersonPowerlifting Singlet & T-Shirt

New Lifter !!!
Aaron Pomerantz Teen 148 Powerlifting Bench Press Training 12/01/12 @ KPG
Titan Super Katana A/S