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Thread: 733 Deadlift only @ 2012 WCO

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    733 Deadlift only @ 2012 WCO

    First of all I know I was slated to go full power but have been having quite a bit of trouble walking out weight due to an old knee injury and it turns out ill be having surgery to remove some calcium build up on the 17th. Because of this I had decided to go push/pull at the meet but strained my pec a week out. Kind of a bummer but I've really been itching to pull over 700/705 at a meet and this was my chance to do it. I decided to play it safe and lowered my planned opener to 661 due to the knee pain I've been experiencing. Everything felt good in the warm-up room so I decided to bump my opener back to 705. Here's how it went.

    Opener 705-good lift.

    Felt a bit of instability at the knees on the way up and almost dropped the bar but was able to recover and lock out easily. I've had this happen once before and it hasn't repeated in a long time so I assumed its mostly a fluke. Usually stalling at the knees ends a lift for me but after the last attempt locking so easily I was confident that 733 was the right move on my next attempt.

    733-good lift 28# meet PR!! I wanted to take a crack at 749 but decided that i'd done what I came to do and it was time to shut it down. Really happy with how the day went!!

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    Nice pull. Hope the knee heals up fast.
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    Nice job!!
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