This is my first post on here and I'm hoping I can get some good input. I'm 6'2 275lbs and am trying to cut back down to 250. I've been having a hard time with figuring out my diet because of my work schedule, or lack there of. I work for a railroad and am on call 24/7 and never know if I'll work 7 hours or 12 hours and what shift. I can bank on being up over 24 hours at least once a week. I've been thinking about and reading up on Intermittent fasting but don't know if it's a good route. I have had good results with 7 meals before but it's near impossible to plan that way now. I usually workout out after I get off work, so that's also not a consistent time, but it's as consistent as I can be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone else had something similar to this. I know it's possible, I just need the right tools.