New to forum here, and looking for feedback to see if I am on the right track.

I'm a competitive cyclist and have been racing about 13 yrs. I've lifted light weights 2x a weeks to supplement cycling. I have decided not to race next season, in favor of serious weight training and putting on some muscle and weight. I am 53 yrs old, current weight 164 lbs and 5'9". I started this transition about nine weeks ago and have gained seven lbs in those nine weeks. I was 157 lbs when I started. I lift 4x week hitting each body part 2x a week, and still hit the bike only about two hrs a week now for some aerobic training. I was training 9-12 hrs a week on bike before and doing about 7-8k miles a year. Current routine is like this. Legs with squats\leg presses\hamstring curls\standing and seated calf raises. Back is deadlifts\bent rowing\lat pulldowns. Chest is flat barbell benching and some incline dumbell presses. Shoulders seated barbell presses, and sometime lateral raises. Biceps standard barbell or dumbell curls. Triceps close grip bench presse or skull crushers and pushdowns. Core work included 3-4x week. I eat 5-6 times day and try to get in about 140g protein a day from food and quality proteins drinks. I take a pre-workout focus\NO\caffeine drink which works well for me. I get good recovery drink after and drink lots of water. I have a substantial background in nutrition from college and from competing in cycling. I do understand the nutritional needs differ from the two disciplines. I believe in the "keep it simple" training and supplement protocol. I would like to get up to about a lean 170-172 lbs. I think one area lacking maybe is I dont take in enough calories, and I dont have the patience or schedule to track it all. Just looking for some feedback and comments for this routine. Thanks for construtive feedback!