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Thread: Time off?

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    Time off?

    I have been competing back to back as long as I can remember. I just competed in my fifth meet since March. So soon I will be working with Josh Bryant. As I just competed, he told me to unwind for a few weeks? I didn't want to seem like a total tool and ask him what I should do to unwind.

    Just curious to hear some thoughts on what this unwinding thing could mean.

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    Honestly when I do that, I do absolutely nothing. Maybe once a week go in and do some very high rep accessory stuff.

    But when you are trying to push the reset button, do it and get the most out of it. 5 meets in a year is crazy tough on the body.

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    I'm not sure how you do it after a meet, but I always take a week off after a meet. I know some people that take up to two weeks off. Since you just competed, that might be something to look in to (if you don't already). Heal up, you've been busting your tail, so let your body recover. Because i'm sure Josh is going to push you hard so you'll need the break.
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    I hate taking too much time away from the gym so time off for me is just skipping the ME work and doing my normal assistance work, but maybe a bit lighter than normal with a bit more volume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis Bell View Post
    Honestly when I do that, I do absolutely nothing. Maybe once a week go in and do some very high rep accessory stuff.

    But when you are trying to push the reset button, do it and get the most out of it. 5 meets in a year is crazy tough on the body.
    Man, I'm glad you said this. Everyone preaches an active deload. F that. I don't step foot in the gym for a full week when I'm deloading. If deload lasts longer, then I employ what you've got listed.
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    I like a full week off followed by a week or two of all of the fun looking machines the bodybuilders get to play with. If I have a long time before my next meet I might do a short strength cycle away from how I compete. Only using my single ply gear or just raw.... depends on how I feel.

    It's going to be different for me though as a full-power lifter compared to a bench only guy. Maybe time off is a good time to work on the other two?
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    I would do stuff you don't normally do. Take the opportunity to stop thinking about training. Instead of a plan, have some notes to follow. Maybe have a bench, squat/deadlift and press day. As long as you hit the main movement (heavy or light - it doesn't matter) then you can do anything or nothing.

    Take the time to recharge the body and mind. Once you get back on track, wait another week to make sure you're really back in the game. If not, just keep training aimlessly. People do it all the time. At least you're training.

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    I take off a whole week post meet. Then I spend a week or two going In and doing goofy light stuff with no purpose. I do it mostly for the bull shiting and to see the guys and get out of the house. Then I spend a mini cycle doing doing 531 with only reps prescribed. No top sets. It's a very light month. Then I start my meet prep.
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