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Thread: My Journal: "The Summer of Gettin' Jacked..."

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    My Journal: "The Summer of Gettin' Jacked..."

    Hell. Why not? Everyone else is doing journals and so I figured I'd start one. I'm completely new to lifting, and I don't mind if you laugh your a$$ off at my recordings... Just keep in mind: I'm not a Body Builder that started a journal, I'm a kid who started Body Building with this very journal!

    Anyway my journal is very well laid out so I'm sure you'll be able to follow it easily. I got the "lbs x reps (!)" idea from BELIAL, in order to record new records. (You'll see alot of new records, the first couple of weeks, since I'm just starting)

    What else? Oh right. I'll post my lifting regime as it breaks down over the week:

    Day 1: Chest, Biceps
    Day 2: Rest
    Day 3: Legs, Shoulders
    Day 4: Rest
    Day 5: Back, Triceps
    Day 6: Rest
    Day 7: Rest

    I'm not posting specific excercises here, as you'll see them in my journal.

    One final note: I DON'T do squats, and I DON'T do deadlifts. tuttut I'm still growing and I am an avid soccer player (I'm not taking any chances on my growth or my knees.) I know some of you... I mean all of you will disagree, but I decided I can still make progress without squats and deads.

    You probably want to know some stats about me.

    I'm 17 years old (male if you havn't guessed) and I weigh as of today 115 lbs! Man, will that change fast And I'm just starting lifting today, so I'm more worried about FORM than weight. FORM! FORM! FORM!

    Alright I guess thats it! I hope you enjoy my journal that I WILL BE KEEPING ALL SUMMER, I just might need motivational from you guys
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