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Thread: Any point to Rotator-specific warmups before lifting?

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    Any point to Rotator-specific warmups before lifting?

    I asked this in the BB forum, and I think Chris brought up a good point that "your exercise specific warm-up should be more than sufficient to cover the rotator cuff. One thing you may be doing is actually fatiguing those muscles which are already weaker than the larger muscles of the shoulder thus leaving them more prone to minor or significant injury."

    And so to continue the discussion, what do you guys think? Should all rotator-specific exercises be done after workouts? Or even on a different day altogether? Is there any use to pre-workout rotator work? I have rather vulnerable rotator cuffs, and so I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to keep them from getting injured.

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    Warm up sets and work sets are very different. Its one thing to do some rotater work with a 5lb DB versus a 25 lb Db. Do what YOU need. I used to jump right in and lift heavy. That worked for years but eventually landed me a torn bicep tendon. Dont be afraid to get warm and ready for a workout. Only you deal with the consequences if you dont.

    That being said you dont need a whole lot. A little goes a long way. I like to hit my shoulders with a lacrosse ball for 10 or so rolls and then do about 20 swings with the indian clubs before I git the bench.
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    Your general warm-up should hit everything you need. I wouldn't pre-fatigue a muscle that is going to get hammered with pressing.

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