I'm finding my 15,10,5 maxes this week so that i can begin doing another cycle of HST soon (it's been a while since i tried it last). So, i start my first exercise (Squats). I load up 135lbs as a warmup and all goes fine. Then i load up 185 and all is well. Finally i load up 225 for my "work set" and about the 8th rep i leaned too far forward and could feel the stress on my lower back. Instead of stopping i grunted out my last two reps. I knew that i pulled/strained something as soon as it happened, but since my body was so warm it wasn't really bothering me much. Now that i've been at work and sitting for an hour, it's starting to hurt. The worst part is that i'm supposed to be back Friday finding my 5 rep maxes (which will obviously be even heavier than todays load). I don't know how the hell i'm going to manage if my back doesn't feel a whole lot better by then. Looks like i might be wearing a belt for the first time on friday.

Anyone got any tips to help speed my recovery?