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Thread: Cutting... Some questions regarding routine

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    Cutting... Some questions regarding routine


    I've been 'lurking' on the site for a while now and have found it very useful but I have a few questions regarding cutting. I did some research but couldn't really find the answer I was looking for. I took everyone's (well the vast majority!) advice and did Starting Strength to bulk, beginning at the end of September last year (having had several false starts prior to that). During that time I've gone from 144 lbs 175 lbs (although some of that is fat put on over Christmas!).

    I'm starting a mini-cut to get rid of a bit of the excess belly fat but I'm really struggling.

    Last week (bare in mind I've cut 500 cals from my daily intake) I managed to do slightly under my maxes (which aren't btw aren't anything like brilliant- 190 Deads, 180 Squats, 100 Bench) but was still so sore and drained that I managed one session of HIIT and a light jog as my cardio. To top it off I'm now carrying a thigh strain.

    In a nutshell, is squatting three times a week going to be detrimental whilst cutting? I'd rather not drop it if I can help it (a, I'm not bad at them- my legs are probably the best part of me! and b) I like being one of few people in my gym who USES THE SQUAT RACK FOR ITS INTENDED PURPOSE!).

    Should I stay on SS, drop back on the weight a little, modify it (I know I'm not supposed to mess with the programme) or change to something different whilst I cut?

    Many thanks for any help!

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    You can cut the squatting to twice a week. Try your hardest not to drop the weight and maintain your strength as much as possible. Don't change routines.

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    Offroad and Zenmonkey prob know as much as anybody about SS and this is what Zen showed me for "SS" on a cut. Look at posts 66-71.
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    Thanks both of you,

    This helped. I've managed to maintain the weight squatting only twice last week. Taken an extra day for the strain to heal up and ready to get back into it tomorrow. If/when I feel comfortable I'll front squat on the third day. BTW doing Hiit after training on Fri was better!



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