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Thread: Bumper plates on concrete

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    Bumper plates on concrete

    Happy Holidays.

    For those who use bumper plates on a concrete surface, do you place a layer of protection? (so that the bumper plates don't get beat up).

    I want to clean and jerk on my driveway, so I can't build a platform. I was thinking maybe a small piece of plywood(4x4) that I can place and remove. Again I want to stress that I won't be able to build a platform because it is on my driveway and the wife would kill me. Also I do have a platform in the house but the ceiling is too low for clean and jerks.

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    I use my bumpers on the asphault and it really isn't a problem. It's a matter of how clean and unscraped you want your bumpers.

    If you want them to be as clean and scrape free, buy a stall mat (4'x6' of 1/2-3/4" rubber). You could easily pull and drag that out and it would give you protection.

    But, if you don't care if they get a little beat up, function wise they'll be fine without a mat or board.

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    I'd get a rubber mat. Try a Horse Supply store.

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    This would be my recommendation as well:

    Quote Originally Posted by RhodeHouse View Post
    I'd get a rubber mat. Try a Horse Supply store.
    If you have a local Tractor Supply ( the stall mat will run you about $35-40 and will preserve the bumpers from getting beat up in the driveway.

    For a less expensive option if you are on a budget you could get some of the square inter-locking foam mats for about half that cost but they will not be quite as durable.
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