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Thread: 2013 GOALS? WHATS IS IT?

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    get my tricep and knee rehabed better, scale back my body weight again, 315 bench for reps, 365 single and 600 plus pull as far as squat just be able to do it on a consistent basis wo knee pain would be nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vdizenzo View Post
    Ditto! First to get both, gets a free dinner. You in?

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    bench 400 raw, 600 s/dl, these are continuations of goals I have had for a long time, but this is the year to hit them. I also plan to drop a lot of body fat, afterwards, if I don't quite get the 600 as long as I am pretty close to these goals at some point I will get into the cut this year, it's necessary. Plan to do my first PL meet before that though.

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    Bench Press 400lbs

    Deadlift 600lbs

    Curl 1000lbs

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    Out there... like ****in' Pluto man...
    God damn there are some strong raw powerlifters here. I'd better stay focused...

    I have goals for June. I'll reassess then and make goals for the year end.

    - 500 raw bench, at least 484 strict.
    - 650 raw olympic squat
    - 725 comp deadlift, 750 gym deadlift before then (arm injury limits grip)
    - 1850 raw total @242 (elite, i believe?)
    - 135kg snatch (this is actually my end ov February goal... almost got it tonight)
    - 151 powerclean and jerk (also by March)
    - Bodyweight somewhere between 240 and 243lbs, bodyfat maximum 9%.

    Thats no wraps, sleeves or belt.

    I'd normally be looking for a lot more on the squat at this stage, but the Olympic lifting really pounds the living shit outta my knees, so i cant squat all that often. I'd also like to snatch 140 and C&J 160 by June too... but i'll just keep those numbers in the back ov my mind... Not putting them 'out there'...

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    Squat 500+ and total 1400+ in belt/wraps
    Best Meet Lifts(Raw w/wraps):
    @165- 435 SQ 270 BE 560 DL.....1255 total
    @181- 535 SQ 300 BE 570 DL.....1400 total
    Best Meet Lifts(Multi-ply):
    @148- 575 SQ 315 BE 515 DL.....1400 total
    @165- 680 SQ 380 BE 540 DL.....1555 total
    @181- 700 SQ 375 BE 535 DL.....1605 total
    Best Gym Lifts(Raw w/wraps)
    545 SQ 305 BE 585 DL

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    Raw lifts, 500/375/525

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    -Stay injury free
    -Finish my Phd
    -Try to get a meet in - 1600 raw @ 220
    -Hopefully get a job in an PL-friendly area
    Trample the weak, hurdle the dead

    Satisfaction is the Death of Desire...

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    Battle back from my Torn Biceps
    Buy my first home
    Diet down to 275
    Bench 600Equipped @ 275

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    Goals for 2013

    Well putting them in writing makes then real right? Here goes.

    1. To take take the men's singly ply bench and deadlift records for APF in tennessee at 585 and 650 respectively. We currently don't have any close APF meets I can make it to that are full power.

    2. To compete in an SPF full power meet and obtain an elite total. I would be okay with master total as well, but that would be giving in to pain and weakness.

    3. Deadlift at least 700lbs either in a meet or in the gym by the end of the year.

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    Don't Flinch.

    Equipped Goals
    900lb Squat
    900lb Bench
    800lb Pull (Sumo)
    2570lb Total

    700lb Squat
    600lb Bench
    750lb Dead (Conv)

    With the help of my teammates, establish Jersey Iron/Iron Sport as one of premier places to train on the East Coast.
    Attend an XPC meet.
    Travel for one "big" meet.
    Go to/get invited to an EliteFTS seminar or training day.
    Go to one of Vinnie's (Southside's) training days/get togethers.
    OHP of 315

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    Don't Flinch.
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    880/820/770/2415 Geared
    680/530/750/1960 Raw

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    First: consistently improve my poor bench.
    Second @181 lbs ipf rules 1-ply:
    squat : 290 kg
    bench: 185 kg
    deadlift: 270 kg
    Stay close to 500 wilks in 1-ply

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