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Thread: Two man 1,200# deadlift for charity

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    Two man 1,200# deadlift for charity

    It was an awesome time at Jakked Gym in Montgomery, IL yesterday. The event was called Pull For Pups and it was a fundraiser for two rescue shelters.There was an amazing turnout and a great time had by all. There was probably 5-6 times the amount of people that showed up last year and a lot more money and donations raised for the rescue shelters. Big thanks to Byron and Tami Hicks for putting on such a great event. And a special thanks to J-Dawg and Universal/Animal for donating some great items for the raffle.

    Me and Josh had a pretty good warm up. It's hard to get ready for an event like this because we've never attempted a 2 man pull and have only trained (or even been in the same room together) maybe 3-4 times. Plus it's a custom made bar that we use for the pull. Unfortunately we came up short and just missed pulling the 1,200#. I didn't realize just how damn close we came until I saw the picture my oldest son took! Damn! For 2 guys who's combined DL total is around 850#, we did REAL F***ING good! I'm proud to have been a part of such an event. Here's a pic and video.
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