Just saying you want to lose weight does not make it happen. Of course, a lot of hard work goes into achieving this goal, but what most people fail to do before embarking on this journey is to think it through. Figure out what those goals are, what is important to you, and what has and hasn't worked for you in the past. The most powerful force you can have on your side is knowledge. This is not just the book smart kind of knowledge. This type of knowledge is of yourself, your current health status, your current lifestyle decisions, and the nutritional knowledge to be able to take action to create change.

While weight is something that is measured on a scale by the number shown, it isn't always best to measure your success, or failure, by the scale. Success is achieved by learning what works best for your body, adding more of that, and crowding out what doesn't. You'll measure your success by how good you feel.

The best way to start is by keeping a three day food intake log. Make sure these are three fairly typical days. You shouldn't be using a long weekend or a family vacation as your test period. Depending on how detailed you want to get, record every morsel and any physical activity, if possible. After three days, you will have collected enough information to see where changes can be made. Look closely at the information and identify areas that require changes to be made. If you need help, make an appointment with a local , New York City nutritionist. Based on the recommended changes, you will need to consider the current flexibility of your daily schedule. You have to be able to work the changes into a regular day. Changes that are too far fetched or difficult to implement, are less likely to be achieved. Start with a nutritional few changes at a time. See how your body reacts then consider your next steps. Consider one of the many talented , personal trainers NYCwhen you are ready to add a fitness component to your program.

If you have children or spend long hours at work, consider packing foods for the day. Schedule in your snacks, meals, and a bit of exercise. Don't worry what your friends might think. Weight loss and fitness goals are as individual an experience as you can get. For women who are menstruating, this is also not a good time to measure your intake nor to implement change. Many women can be distracted from their goals by this, as well as work, kids or other personal responsibilities. If you have a setback, don't dwell on it. Start fresh the next day.

Remember, before starting any physical fitness or weight training program, see your doctor for a complete checkup. A complete annual physical should be a part of everyone's wellness plan. This simple visit to your doctor can help stave off chronic or serious health problems from developing.