Trying to spark some discussion here on the topic of intermittent fasting. I have a friend who uses this dieting method and swears by it. I think he uses the 16 hour fast/8 hour feast variation. I've read alot of articles about it (including the one here on WBB) but it seems like theres one contradictory article for every positive one written about it. Basically what I have taken away from it is that does prove that meal frequency isn't as important as traditional "bodybuilding" diets claim it to be. It's just hard for me to find any concrete evidence showing that it unquestionably is the best way of eating for all the things its proponents claim it to be (reduced body fat/improves cognition/numerous health benefits/etc).

Does anyone here follow a variation of the IF protocol? If so, do you feel like it has benefited you in terms of health or body composition?

oh and obviously the proper foods are the most important part of things. so i know that eating the wrong things whether through IF or not will get you nowhere. just wondering if anyone actually uses IF in any one of its forms.