I got 2 44lb plates for christmas which meant I could deadlift again after months of not being able to add weight.

My max was 308lbs for 4 reps ages ago when I weighed less. Started after Christmas at 320lbs for 3 adding 10lbs every session(every other day) leading up to yesterday when I pulled 385 for 3 hard reps. I only got 2 on the 2nd set when form got bad then called it a day.

I realize since a few months now that I need to keep rotating excercises every few workouts to keep making gains. Obviously this applies to the deadlift too, so now I'd like some advice on the best variations to use. I was thinking of Sumo and Stiff legged, but not sure about snatch grip deadlift. Maybe even those defecit deads off a brick or something?

So yeah advice needed please guys. Share with me what deadlift variations worked for you.