This is my current program:

1 Rack Pulls 3x6

2A Inverted Rows 3x6-10
2B DB Incline Press 3x6-10

3A Hammer Curls/DB Curls 3x8-15
3B FacePulls 3x12-15
3C Hip Thrusts 3x10-15

1 Incline BB Press 3x4-6

2A Chest Supported Row 3x6-10
2B Back Extensions 3x8-10

3A Glute Bridges 3x10-15
3B Weighted Pushups 3x6-10
3C Hammer Curls/DB Curls 3x8-15

1 Bulgarian Split Squat 3x6-10

2A Angled BB Press(half-kneeling) 3x6-10
2B Chinups 3xMax

3A Sliding Leg Curls 3x8-10
3B Hammer Curls/DB Curls 3x8-15
3C FacePulls 3x12-15

How does this look? I have not lifted overhead for a long time due to a shoulder issue but I am going to try the angled BB press and see how it goes.
I'm also leaving out dips long term.
I has to drop flat BB and DB benching cause my lower back was playing up.
I have never done back extensions(none at my gym) or glute bridges or hip thrusts(probably too embarrassed to load these up at my gym) but definitely want to add them in after reading alot of Bret Contreras articles.I might invest in a back extension and 300lb barbell set and do these at home.
I only incline Db press 30kg DBs and have about 10 chinups so I should be able to milk these full body routines for a while yet ,right? then maybe switch to an upper/lower split when recovery gets hard.
How is this routine? think I've covered most areas.