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Thread: How to help my LEFT bicep grow??

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    How to help my LEFT bicep grow??

    I have a little problem. My left arm was always lagging in my opinion. People say when they see me that you cant tell my right arm(dominant) is bigger....but i see it and it bothers me. I started by only doing isolation exercise for my left tricep and for my left bicep. Its been 2 months and my left tricep has caught up to my right tricep.....but my left bicep hasn't grown AT ALL. But what is weird is now i'm a lot stronger with my left bicep then my right one now. Then why is it still smaller? Anyone have experience with this? Is it just genetics or something? Its kind of pissing me off =/

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    Be careful with this...most times it ends up with your mind just screwing with you. Not an actual imbalance. Id post a few pictures on here to get some feedback.
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    Everyone has asymmetry. Everyone's arms are of different size. Based on your avatar pic you have plenty of room to grow so just focus on overall growth.

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    I agree with Chris on this one.. I wouldn't solely train one arm on a arm day. I might add a few sets towards the end of the arm workout for the the arm you think is lagging.

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