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Thread: BGB Routine

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    BGB Routine

    School is about to start back up again and I'm just wondering if it would be alright to accomodate this 4x/week routine into a 3x/week routine. That way I can get up a bit earlier and hit the gym on my way to school so I can save a bit of gas. If so does anyone have any recommendations on how to set this up? Baby Got Back Routine |

    I really like this routine and I'm seeing some really good gains off of it so I don't want to change routines yet. The only way I can get it in is if I hit it Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday but I'm thinking 3 days in a row is going to take a toll on my body since I still have to work.

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    Personally I think you'll be fine with three training days in a row. Just make sure that you sleep and food consumption supports your training. I'm currently training 7 days in a row, but my training split provides ample recovery between days.

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    BGB was set up as a 4x week, or EOD program ~ and it is nice if you can pull it off as written.

    That said, I think you should try another training program if you absolutely can only lift 3x week ~~~~ there are plenty of them out there:
    HCT-12 for example `
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