Hi all!

Been off the boards for quite sometime...3 years to be exact. I'm finally getting back into the gym after a 3 year "break". While I wasn't happy to take such a break, life got in the way, as it goes.

Before stopping my routine, it was as follows:

3 days a week with an off day in between each, two between day 3 and 1.

Day 1: Chest and Bicep
Day 2: Shoulders and Legs
Day 3: back and triceps

Each day I would do 3 workouts per muscle group with 3 sets of each workout. I would start with a weight that I could do 10 reps, following a weight I can get 6 reps and finally a weight I can get at least 3 reps.

However, reading the "Four laws of training and growing" I find that my old program was completely incorrect.

I'm currently 5'3", 138lbs. I am able to hit the gym three days a week, however until February, I can only go Minday-Thursday, meaning two workouts will be back to back with no rest day due to my jobs gym schedule. I'm trying to gain muscle as I'm tired of being the "small" guy. When I started weight lifting 3 years ago, I was 115lbs. When I stopped, I was at 127lbs. Therefore I know I can do it, I just need the proper guidance and program.

With that said, what would you recommend as a good program to start with? I figured lifting could be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and I can save Tuesday for strictly hard cardio. This will again, only be until February.

Should I pursue the 3-Day split in the aforementioned article?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you!