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Thread: Rotator Cuff work before or after my workouts?

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    Rotator Cuff work before or after my workouts?

    I generally just do a couple sets of high-rep RC warmup exercises with a light dumbbell before my workouts. Should I be doing it after though? Instead, or in addition to?

    My cuffs just always feel so tender after sports like football or frisbee golf. I'm starting to think there is some kind of past injury I'm unaware of because even when I feel like I'm taking very good care of my RC's with warmups and proper technique, they just feel so vulnerable, like it doesn't take much to make it hurt for the next couple of days.

    Thanks. And hi WBB. Haven't been here in a long time, this has always been the best place to go though compared to all the other related forums out there =D
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