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Thread: Great new article on training hamstrings!

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    Great new article on training hamstrings!

    Check out Allen Cress' new article:

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    Chris, I've been struggling with this issue as well. Thank you for posting this article.

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    Good article! Interesting concept on doing isolation movements prior to compound movements.

    I have spoken with a number of bodybuilders who agree that the 'feel' of the exercise is in many cases more important than any other factor (such as number of reps, weight, tempo, etc.).
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    I reversed the order (isolation before compound) on Wednesday (like the article suggested) ~~~ it is Sunday evening (4 days later), and my hamstrings are so sore it is unbelievable.
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    Great article
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    Sequencing of exercises is very important in bodybuilding and it helps you stay more balanced. If you always do a certain exercise first your body adapts quickly to that so changing the placement helps to stimulate the muscle better as well as focusing more on the muscle and not just the movement

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    Great Article. Seems you have found out the hard way on how to get it done. I think the most important thing that anyone can take away from this is that its not always about how much weight you lift as how you lift the weight! I always like to remind myself quality over quantity! Again, great article, cant wait to try out some of these methods.

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