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Thread: OHP to Bench ratio?

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    OHP to Bench ratio?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what you think and ideal standing military press to bench ratio should be?
    Currently my standing military press is about 65% of my bench (this is based on my 10 rep maxes on both lifts), does that seem fine or should my overhead press be stronger relative to my bench?

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    I have no idea what ideal is but my standing ohp is also about two thirds of my bench press.

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    I always thought my strict overhead press was pretty strong, proportionately, but doing the math its around 60% ov my bench. My (strong) weightlifter friends are generally more like 70-75%, but they almost never bench.

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    That seems fine. My OHP is 215, Flat bench was at 355 when I did 215 (it has gone up, no idea what it is now). That's about 60%.

    The ratio should go down as you get stronger, because obviously bench is easier to improve than OHP.

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    There is no "ideal" when it comes to comparing two exercises. For a person with given leverages, it may tell you if something is lagging. It also depends on the style of lifting (bringing the bar down to the "rack position" in an OHP, or pausing the bench, grip width, etc). It would be different if that number was like 90% or 30%, so it is most likely fine.

    Overall, keep getting stronger and don't major in the minors
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    My OHP is unusually strong (or my bench is unusually weak). I can do about 70-75% of my bench press.
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    I feel like most replies you'll get will be lower than what they "should" be because people prioritize BP over OHP in general. Like other people have said, it will depend on the individual and can also be an indication of a lagging body part. Also the % will change the stronger you get.

    That said, I think 70-75% is good to shoot for because it'll help focus on the over head press a little more...even if you don't quite make it to 70%.

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    I have found in that past that a body weight OHP or more is a good place to start. as for the bench it should be close to body weight and a half so if you weight 200lbs . you OHP is 200 and your bench is 300. so again the 2/3 thing is pretty good. assuming all of the other factors included in this post.

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    Personally, I feel the key to building up your strict press is to strengthen your front delt and tricep. The way I have done this by training both groups in a hypertrophy manner. Put the muscle under failure multiple times!

    My best strict press was 255lbs and bench 410lbs @ 220lbs


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    thought this was worth sharing. freak isnt the word!!
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    My 1RM strict press is roughly 75-80% of my 1RM bench, but that is because a rarely bench press and focus most of my 'pressing' training on overhead work. For my first few years of training when more focused on benching I would say that my OHP was probably in the neighborhood of 60-65% of my bench press.

    I would not really worry about 'ratios' and would just focus on your specific goals...
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