Im hoping someone can give me advice, as Ive been stuck on bench for a while.

My training max is around 255 and for heavy bench day, Ive been trying to stay in the 225-245 range.

My stalling point is about 2-3" off my chest and I bench close grip (pointer finger right next to the smooth part of the bar)

Also, Im weak at the VERY top. There is no way I could unrack my training weights or even up to 225 without a spotter. But assuming I get through the mid point of the lift I never have trouble locking out.

Ive been mainly just working bench on the heavy days and cycling the weights/volume, but stalled recently and started to add in floor press and board press

My accessory work hits the upper back/lats and triceps and shoulders with everything like Rows, pullups, DB incline bench, and DB JM presses.

I am starting to add holds in the lockout position for a few seconds after completing each set. And Im also focusing on grip stength by really squeezing the bar hard.

My main question is, what am I doing wrong with my main lifts?
-Should I have planned out variations in load/volume or just go for a "max" each day.
-Should I rotate certain lifts, or just use the board presses when I feel my shoulders need a deload?
-Any other advice?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it.