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Thread: Ab Trainers for a skinny dude

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    Ab Trainers for a skinny dude

    Hello I'm looking for some advice please:

    I have a rather Work in progress six pack. But I don't like doing crunches, nor can I use my sit up bench because of a knee problem.
    Now because I'm like a stick ( but I'm training to get bigger but skinny guys will know what a pain this is )
    I would like to know if them Electric ab toners work for skinny people. Alot of people use them for fat loss..... Well I don't need that XD If I lost any more fat I'd have to watch the weather to know if there was a gale force wind out XD.

    Alot of people said Dark_light, you don't need it, you've already got a six back... But you know I'm not happy with it.

    I've uploaded a photo of my work in progress abs and I'm seeking advice.

    I would like to thank you all for your time reading this post and I hope you have a great day/night.

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