hi, im on the small side in my mid 20s but i look really young for my age and its been affecting my self esteem and social life badly. my ultimate goal is to transform myself by getting bigger, losing my fat, gain lean muscle, flatten my belly, and make exercising my lifestyle.

im 185 lbs and 5 ft 9 inches 27 bmi, and have elusive defintion, my abs show just barely, but small yet noticeable belly problem areas. i've been working out on and off for years trying to weight train with wrong info. but because i now have epilepsy, my doctor says i cannot weight lift for long while. i need to avoid certain training that involves weights too big or training too high intensity and basically be aware of my limits. (i stay hydrated and sleep and take meds etc... )

my diet consist of eggs in the morning, 30g protein shakes between meals, healthy choice/frozen food lunch and dinner. i have resistance bands and pull up bars, and a track outside my house. i probably be getting a gym membership as well but currently i workout home.

(Exercise with resistance bands)
Lateral raise-3x15
single arm curl-3x15

(Exercise with resistance bands)
Chest Press-3x15
Rows: 3x15
Split Squat:3x15

friday: same as monday. i do crunches everyday. tuesdays, thursdays i do cardio. weekend day off. every week i want to raise the repetitions.

is this a good routine? any suggestions?