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    All time sumo PR

    Two vids from tonights workout. It was one of those days where I was tired and feeling sorry for my self but I was able to turn it around and hammer out some hard work and get some PRs. Im dieting and down about 10 lbs since january 1st and I had the best workout of the meet cycle so far.

    505 for 9

    Sumo deadlift

    I have been going sumo for about 6 months now and have some SLOW but steady progress. I started out my first sumo workout in May missing 645 for a single. My goal was to use SUMO and get back into the 700s where my DL was for years. Tonight I finally took a shot at 700. It was hard and heavy but went up. Now I need to do it in a meet.

    700 for 1 raw sumo
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    Best raw meet lifts
    Squat:765 with wraps. / 700 raw with out wraps
    Bench: 525
    Deadlift: 755
    Total: Raw with wraps: 2000. with out wraps: 1925

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    1050, 840, 715. Total: 2605

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