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Thread: Strength, Running. at what I have been up to.

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    Scott Weech
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    Strength, Running. at what I have been up to.

    Hello everyone, I wanted to write and give you an update on my training and where I am at. I plan on writing much more often on this site.

    Approximately 17 months ago I started the 9 month night police acadmey here in Florida. During that time it was very difficult for me to keep my strength gains up even though I was able to train regularly. During the academy I had to run 2.5 to 3 miles a day 3 days a week, which for most people is not that much, but for a 320 lb. powerlifter/strongman it is like a nightmare.

    I had a lot of issues with shin splints and towards the end it started to really bother my knees, which of course had a negative impact on my lifts. Also, we had to do 100's of pushups which negativly affected my bench press. I will say that my original 1.5 mile run time before the academy started was 21+ minutes and at the end it was about 13.5minutes.

    That does not mean that I was in terrible shape going in just means my body was not built for long distance running. In fact during defensive tactics I was often one of the least tired during the endurance drills. It is a much different type of cardio. I was also in the top half of the class in sprinting and by far the best in the verticle jump despite the fact that I out weighed everyone in the class by an average of 120+ lbs. I was also the 4th best in the obsticle course.

    As I mentioned above the academy training took a toll on my lifting despite my best efforts. When I finished the academy I got a job at the Lakeland Police Department. During the first six weeks we were running about the same amount as the regular academy. This took me into approximately August 2012 before I could resume my regular training.

    Since I have not had to do the long distance running my body feels great and I have been hitting big pr's in the gym. Before the academy my best bench was in the mid 500 (raw) now I am repping the same weights.

    I owe a lot of this success to Chris and AtLarge nutrition. I have been regularly taking Nitrean, Results, ETS, and Fish Oil and I feel great. These products have helped me return to my previous strength levels in just 5 months. I am now the strongest I have ever been, and look forward to a great year.

    I will be posting regular artiles on here and hope someone can benefit from it. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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    Wow, your back!!!! Looking forward to competing with you at RUM!
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    Congrats on graduating and getting on with Lakeland PD. I went to the Academy here in NJ in 1999 and nothing has changed. Most academies are all about running when they should be focusing more on Strength Training and Self Defense.

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    Great job
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    Cool. Ill Look forward to some freaky trainings vids on here.
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    Scott Weech
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    Thanks guys, ya I have yet to chase someone on foot for 1.5 miles lol. I will say that strength has helped me few times.

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