Yep, last week I tweaked my pec unracking my last set. All week it felt fine and I haven't felt any pain at all, even when I did floor presses on Saturday.

Today, the same thing. All my warm-up sets felt fine, so I decided to keep going up and decided to stop when I feel any pain. I did just that, on my second working set I was supposed to get 340x8, but stopped at 5 because I knew if I did one more rep that was it.

On the bright side, I still plan on doing the meet. But, it looks like i'll be taking a token bench. I'm making an appointment to have it worked on. So, I might see how it feels the day of the meet. But, It's not worth going out there and making things worse, so I might not even chance it.

I'm pretty bummed out about this, because I felt ready to post a PR total and get close to my goal. Oh well, things like this happen, and now it's time to get it better.