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Thread: Something BIZARRE happened to my lower back!!!

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    Something BIZARRE happened to my lower back!!!

    Hey everyone,

    I need your help in figuring out what went wrong with my lower back.

    Lately, when I've been squatting, I've had a feeling of my lower back feeling weak or giving out at the bottom of the squat, seems to happen just when I reach the lowest point in the hole.

    After my workouts, I've had a lot of soreness in the lower back, which I just thought was normal DOMS.

    Today, it finally caught up with me. I was just doing a warmup set of 85 lbs, and on the first rep, as I got to the bottom of the hole, my lower back just seemed to give out.

    I'm not really sure what happened, it was like the muscle just reached some point of no return and pulled or collapsed, and I couldn't get back up. It was painful but not severely painful, but I fell down.

    I immediately had a feeling of wanting to vomit, and then the room got very blurry and I felt like I was going to pass out. I sat there for 2 minutes just telling myself not to pass out, I was VERY close to losing my consciousness. After that, I had to lie on the floor for 10 minutes, and then got up and eventually walked out of the gym after resting 20 more minutes.

    Not in severe pain or anything, but it feels like my lower back is REALLY sore and the muscles in my glutes and legs have tightened up, and its very hard to walk.

    Doubt its a disc or spine thing, I was doing 85 lbs! The trainer at the gym told me that maybe my lower back or core was weak, and it shifted and caused me to pinch a nerve...

    Any idea what this is?
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