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Thread: Training or Programming

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    Training or Programming


    I was wondering what everyone does for their training? Do you follow a program, have a coach, and/or just make it as you go along? With addition to your training, how do you break up your training split?

    I'll kick this off... I program my own training, but I have a coach who has pointed out the weaknesses in my physique and has help me get some sort of diet down. My training split is: Monday quads, Tues back, Wed shoulders, Thurs chest, Fri hamstrings, Sat arms, and Sun shoulders again.


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    I've designed my own training program after I stopped starting strength due to not being able to squat safely.

    My routine is an upper/lower split. I train 7 days a week and have gone well past a month training non stop.

    Today's training session looked like:

    Wide grip bench: 265lbs 4 sets 2 reps

    Pendlay rows: 210lbs 3 sets 3 reps(not my strongest row variation)

    Floor press: 254 lbs 4 sets 2 reps

    I weight about 192lbs. Not superb lifts but I find that low volume spread throughout the week gives me good gains. I also keep rotating exercises like the westside method, but I never have a planned rotation.
    The only lift I'm proud of at this point is a close stance, ass to grass zercher squat of 170kg x2 at 85kg bw. If only they held zercher squat competitions...

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    I have always followed a program ever since I became a intermediate lifter and hired my first coach. Programming is very important when it comes to results unless you have great gentics then you will progress on most anything. A program should have a purpose and be designed with proper context. Just picking a bunch of random exercises each time is not a program, which most due, and if you are just wanting to lift some weights with no real goals than thats fine.

    One program should progress to the next and so on depending on an individuals current needs state. There is no one program the gets results its the cumulative effects of multiple programs over time. Designing programs is an art and science and not an easy task to learn. It took me 2-3 years studying under a mentor and as well as learning from other experts in the field to be able to design a program tailored to the individual. A program should always be built to fit the client and not the other way around as a lot of trainers do.

    Having structure and an second eye will keep you on the right path. I find that bodybuilders in general have the hardest time stepping outside the box with their training. They almost always do a typical bodypart split. Most would benefit greatly from doing a hybrid approach a few times during the training year. I know my development went to the next level once I started doing this.

    I have had a few coaches in the past and now I talk to a lot of coaches thru email and we bounce things of one another. The training split will depend on the contest of the program. I have had programs where I did a 6 day bodypart split, a push/pull/ lower body split with an explosive day, a 4 day Iso-hybrid where there where metabolic isolation circuits at the end of each day with the rest of the workouts being tri-plexes.

    I have been a coach going on 15 years now and have seen and done a lot of things wrong in the beginnig. I met the right people and learned from the best and pass my knowledge on to my clients so they don't make the same mistakes.

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    I usually follow well known programs and modify them a little to what I feel my body can handle
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