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    Babyeater Lifts: Powerlifting Adventures

    Hi everyone! I have been lurking around the site for a bit and really want to make a log and join the diverse group of lifters posting here. A little about me:

    Age: 26
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 110-113 note: I have competed twice in the 114 class and now plan to cut weight to 105 for my April 2013 meet.

    I began dabbling in strength training about two years ago in a very casual way. I have a fairly strong running background and spent most of my teenage and early adult years very wiry (under 100 lb) with basically no upper body strength whatsoever--and heck, given that all I was doing was running, no lower body strength either.

    In the later part of 2009/early part of 2010, I began to learn how to lift. Since that time period, I have experimented with various lifting protocols. Last year, I set a goal to register as "overweight" on the BMI scale and fell short two pounds when I stupidly came up with a sternum injury from performing dips too low. At my heaviest, I came in at 133 lb.

    In the later part of December 2011, I began lifting again seriously and trying to pull myself out of the hole I had fallen into mentally and physically. At this point, I have by far surpassed the strength levels I had attained back before the sternum injury but am roughly 20 lbs lighter than my high weight.

    I started training specifically for powerlifting at the end of April of 2012. I competed in my first meet in the 114 pound weight class in July; my total was 540. I will continue to compete in this weight class and would like to see significant increases in my total. I look forward to posting here--I've been lurking for a bit and absolutely love reading the logs of other female lifters on this forum.

    PR's as of February 2012:
    Squat: 187 (meet lift) Paused bench: 125 Deadlift: 300
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