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Thread: Are my upper body/press sessions too long?

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    Are my upper body/press sessions too long?

    When I last did a press day it later about 60 minutes. Is this too long?

    My workout is as follows:

    Wide grip bench: 4x2(sets x reps)

    Pendlay rows: 3x3

    Floor press: 4x2

    Now that might not look like a long session but I take 5 minutes in between press sets and 3 minutes between rows. I don't do any assistance.

    My older sessions were around 45mins with the same setup, but I had 2 different schemes.

    Original scheme: Use 4x2 but with 3 minutes rest between sets.

    Previous scheme: Use 3x2 with 5 minutes rest, shaving about 10 mins from the session.

    Should I start using one of these schemes or just stick to my 1 hour workouts for the sake of 2 extra sets?

    I'm trying to base my sets and reps off pripelins chart, and the number of total lifts at 90% is said to be 7 optimally, so it seems like 3x2 and 4x2 would accomplish similar things.

    The only lift I'm proud of at this point is a close stance, ass to grass zercher squat of 170kg x2 at 85kg bw. If only they held zercher squat competitions...

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    If you're making progress I'd stick with it.

    Otherwise the volume actually looks fairly low.

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    Your workout should take between 1-2 hours. Do your sets when you're ready. DOn't time the rest. It takes me about 10 minutes to get through my 4-6 warm-up sets then I rest for my big work sets.

    Focus on getting the work done that needs to get done, not how long it takes.

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    Details like this shouldn't take focus from what's Important. Train hard, eat well, supplement what you can't eat with quality products like nitrean, rest and sleep. Do those things and don't sweat the small stuff.
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    There are times when my training sessions were like 3 hour marathons. As long as your nutrition supports it, I think it's fine.

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