When I last did a press day it later about 60 minutes. Is this too long?

My workout is as follows:

Wide grip bench: 4x2(sets x reps)

Pendlay rows: 3x3

Floor press: 4x2

Now that might not look like a long session but I take 5 minutes in between press sets and 3 minutes between rows. I don't do any assistance.

My older sessions were around 45mins with the same setup, but I had 2 different schemes.

Original scheme: Use 4x2 but with 3 minutes rest between sets.

Previous scheme: Use 3x2 with 5 minutes rest, shaving about 10 mins from the session.

Should I start using one of these schemes or just stick to my 1 hour workouts for the sake of 2 extra sets?

I'm trying to base my sets and reps off pripelins chart, and the number of total lifts at 90% is said to be 7 optimally, so it seems like 3x2 and 4x2 would accomplish similar things.