Hey guys,

First, my squat is pretty dam weak (so bad that I won't even post the numbers) but i think its mainly due to the fact that when I was younger I busted my knee playing lacrosse. Quickly ill list the injuries that occurred:
-Chipped a bone off the inside of my knee (have had 2 surgeries, 4 pins inserted)
-MCL and LCL tears
-ITB tore inside my quad

Seriously, my knee was so bad at the age of 15 they actually considered a KNEE REPLACEMENT because it just wasn't getting any better. My doctor at the time, who was apparently the best in sports medicine in new england, told me that it was the worst knee problem he'd ever dealt with. I spent 4 years at physical therapy and 18 of those months were on crutches. Hell I even had to go in a wheel chair when i went to sea world . Fast forward 9 years, my knee has gotten much better due to lots of persistance. I don't have much pain with it anymore. I get an occassional flare up when theres a rediculous temperature change, and sometimes it feels a little stiff when I Deadlift but I counter that with knee sleeves.

Lately my squat hasn't seen much improvement (its already pathetic as is), and I noticed some things when I im coming out of the hole that seem to happen. I notice that my knee tends to wobble a lot when im pushing up, and I find it quite hard to "sit back" rather than just allowing the legs to collapse into the hole (which I know you shouldn't do). I have watched many squat videos and understand the form/technique. I even swallowed my ego at one point and backed off about 80-100 pounds to try and fix my issues. But as im getting closer to my previous numbers my problems seem to return.

So my question is, and maybe its something I should ask a doctor but I know theres quite a lot of smart people here, are there any exercises that you guys might know to perhaps strengthen my knees stability? I do lunges sometimes, and occasionally i'll throw in some stiff leg DL's to target the hamstrings. I even did scissor squats with dumbbells for a while too but I didn't see much carry over to my squat. Not sure if I should back off for a while or maybe just keep my current weight and not try to progress (so I dont lose any strength), so I can possibly focus on strengthening my glutes/hamstrings/ hip flexors.