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Thread: Need to start doing armwork

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    Need to start doing armwork

    My upper arms are seriously lagging behind all other bodyparts in terms of strength and size. Even my forearms are starting to look the same size and I don't train them.

    I started doing close grip benches a few months ago and noticed the lateral head of my tris growing but nothing more. I need some serious armwork fast, as I feel my triceps are holding back my bench, and my biceps are just too small altogether.

    I was thinking of doing this at the end of my lower body session:

    Lying triceps extensions: 3x5

    Bicep curls: 3x5

    Do you guys think that this could help me out if I do it a few times a week? I don't train arms usually so I need some serious work on them as they look ridiculously small.

    The reason behind the relatively low reps for this is so I can train more often and with high weight. The high reps like 8+ leave me aching during my next session so I stay away.

    Does this seem like a decent way to go about training arms?

    P.s I'm not a bb, not looking for pumped arms here, just want to add some lean muscle over the course of a few weeks.
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    Do you do chins regularly? I find those supplemented with a couple sets of some curl variations usually suffice.
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    imo the direct arm work you suggested is not enough to build muscle -effectively. 'afew weeks' wont cut it either...

    my goals have changed, i want to develop my arms also -cos im a closet bodybuilder... ive dropped some things from my training to atleast maintain my strength level while i put more focus on my arms for the next 3months or until i get them to a good standard.

    whatever it is, if its a weak point you need to focus harder on it and lower/ drop something for a while.

    oh and if you want a muscle to grow, its gonna get sore. man up.
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    I think I've figured out the problem with my arms. I don't think it's that my upper arm is that small, it's just the lower part of the triceps where they connect to the elbow are underdeveloped which makes my whole arm look skinny.

    Could anyone recommend some exercise that works the lower tricep head hard? I had a shot at some decline skulls today 4x5. Anything else I could throw in there?

    @Joey I'd use chins if I had a pullup bar hahaha I should get one maybe
    The only lift I'm proud of at this point is a close stance, ass to grass zercher squat of 170kg x2 at 85kg bw. If only they held zercher squat competitions...

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    Sometimes the best way to add a little size to your arms is just by adding overall mass

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJDANEXT0 View Post

    Could anyone recommend some exercise that works the lower tricep head hard?
    Uh.... Given that they're all side by side, I'm not quite sure which one you're referring to.

    Given all three heads join on the same tendon, selective hypertrophy or strengthening of different heads would result in a structural instability that would literally tear the tendon to pieces. Hence, it is not possible. Work the whole tricep.
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    Weighted dips and dumbbell rollback's will help you get the full triceps 'burn' you are seeking.
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