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Thread: Raw Unity 6 - the good, the bad, and the ugly

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    Raw Unity 6 - the good, the bad, and the ugly

    Overall not a bad comeback meet. Hit 838 on second attempt squat. I went up to 865 and felt really confident but for some reason I missed it.

    Hit 551 bench on second attempt and missed 562 on third.

    Got all three deadlifts and finished with 777 for 2166 total. I am pleased with this total since I made big improvments since finishing the academy. Below I have listed what my lifts were after finishing the academy to this meet. Keep in mind that for about 11 months I was running 2 to 3 miles 2 to 3 days a week and doing all kinds of different exercises that were not in my normal routine.

    August 2012 February 2013

    Sqaut - 740ish 838
    Bench - 500ish 551
    Deadlift - 720ish 777
    Total - 2000ish 2166

    Big thanks to Chris and AtLarge for the great supplements that helped me get back to a high level in such a short time. I guarantee that I will be well over 2200 in my next meet this year.

    Now lets talk about the meet itself for just a minute. I will be a little critical because this is not a small local meet and is billed as a world class raw meet. *I only attended the first day*

    First the good:
    - Judiging was great, even the lifters that got red lights seemed to agree on the calls.
    - Spotters did a great job and really seemed to know what they were doing.
    - No miss loads (that I am aware of).
    - West Cary equipment was awesome and I would recommend it to anyone.
    - Three great warmup platforms with the almost the exact equipment that was on the platform
    - Personalized theme song
    - Some of the very best raw lifters on the platform
    - Brian Hopper

    Now the bad
    - I like a quickly run show but this was just rushed. The entire first day was done in right at 3 hours. This included the 198, 220, 242, 275, and super fat classes. Each of the two squat flights had right at 8 lifters with no break between attempts and they went right into 2nd flight. I still had two warm-ups to do when the first lifter in our flight was taking his first attempt. Not to mention that while we were warming-up Johnny came up to us and told us that the squat rack we were using was for the next day lifters to get rack heights. While we were warming-up lifters for the next day were interrupting us to get heights. Why they could not have waited 10 minutes I dont know, they were already weighed in so they could eat. Also its just rack heights so they could do it the next day. This forced me to take my last two warm-ups 715 and 765, and my opener 793 in a span of about 3 minutes. I also did not want to go that heavy on warm ups but in the rushing around I confused my warmups.
    - We went right into benching from squating and with so few lifters we did not have much time to cool off or warm up.
    - They did give a 15 minute break between bench and deadlift but by that time there were only about 6 lifters in each flight. They again took no time between attempts. Between my 2nd and 3rd attempt there was only a 2 lifter break.
    - The informational videos for the meet are to long and hard to watch. It would be better if Eric just typed out the info and sent it in an email or forum post. I do not have the time to watch 4, 20 minute videos when there is only 2 total minutes worth of info that is for me. In fact I did not know about the heavyweight start time being pushed up to 11 from 3 until 1 day before the comp. If it was not for Hopper I would have missed the meet. Yes it is my fault for not watching the video but they are just to painful lol.
    - $100 is too much for this meet. Might help explain why some don't come. For $100 you dont even get a t-shirt. All we got at weigh in was a $5 blue bag with nothing in it. Scott Lamb and I put on a local strongman comp. every year and only charge $50. Fot that money athletes get a high quality t-shirt, 2 meals, drinks all day, nice trophies, money sometimes, and this year AtLarge gift certs. for the winners. We also give medals for event winners.
    - After six years prize money should be better. Another reason for low turnout. In my opinion Kade Weber deserved more than the standard $500 for winning the formula battle, as well as the other formula winners.
    - Not a big fan of bench start command, but that is no big deal.
    - Hard to hear the announcer at the end and a lot of people did not know what he was saying.
    - Prize money was not announced until the meet was over. I was told on the day before the meet by one director that they still did not know how the money would be distributed or how much there was. They possibly thought about leaving it up to the lifters.
    - Not publishing the roster. The reason I was given was because it might get some in trouble with there federation. Well, when the meet is over they are going to know who competed anyway.

    This may sound like a lot of whining but if you are going to call a meet the best and charge a high entry fee than I believe you have a high standard to live up to. If there is a RUM 7 will I do it? Probably not, and if it is not in Florida that most likely not. Unless big changes are made I would not pay a lot of money on traveling to do this meet. This is sad because this is the 4th RUM I have attended and it was once a great comp. with a ton of great lifters. There were some reallty elite lifters at this meet but I would like to see deeper classes. I hope this is seen as constructive critisim because I would like to see this meet rise to the next level.

    Special thanks to AtLarge Nutrition, Anderson Powerlifting, Vanilla Gorilla strength apparel, Scott Lamb, Scott Weech Sr., Brian Hopper, and all that help me in my training. If I think of anything else, I will add it.

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    Great job brother.

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    Dude, you did an awesome job yesterday. I agree with you 100% on both the good and bad. Although I can't compare this RUM from the others in the past. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of your next meet!

    Next time we need to plan what shirts we wear a little better!!!
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