Okay, I've always struggled with this.....

How do you define "Intense enough to generate growth?"

I workout in my garage (somewhat nicely equipped) which has a squat rack, bench, elleptical trainer, and treadmill, along with dumbells up to 90 lbs.

I've never really worked out in a gym, or with another training partner, so I don't really know how to gauge when I'm getting it right.

Do you work for a pump, or a burn, or to failure?

Also, does your target intensity level change if you're hitting the same body part multiple times a week, or only one time per week.

Currently, I'm doing a MWF setup

Back/ Bi

Legs/ Abs

Chest/ Tri

With one day of cardio ~ after the Chest/Tri Day.

Working on contest prep ~~~ Show date June 15th ~~~~